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CSR Policy


Our firm has introduced an environmental policy limiting the use of paper and plastic via several initiatives. 

We have set up a system for the recycling of products which are particularly harmful for our planet such as batteries and printer toner.

Our teams also favour car sharing and train travel to limit the firm’s impact on the planet.

The thousands of cups of coffee offered to our clients every year are served in recycled cardboard cups. 

What else?

Skills patronage

Our firm supports those who do not have easy access to the law such as certain start-ups or associations. 

Working alongside them enables us to reinvent ourselves and grow.

Our priority? Social entrepreneurship.

Our promise? Our stock-in-trade. Supporting those who deserve it, at all costs. Priceless.

Equality / Well-being

Our firm fights against all forms of discrimination and particularly aims to promote gender equality.

The result? ACD teams are made up of 66% women, including one occupying the position of CEO.

We encourage our employees to undertake training in order to promote their progress within the company. An occupational health and safety department, which has assisted our clients for several years, works to improve working conditions for everyone.

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